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2 years ago

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Me and Julie was on the chat network when a couple of days, I live around a cafe one night, the pace, of course, gladly accepted the pop more than 40 minutes drive from me, who had seen their pictures on their website - Profile and although she was very sexy and cute it was just waiting for a coffee and chat, as we want, we teensnaked know each other first before jumping into bed, he said. Anyway, I got the way home in a beautiful new luxury property, but being new I could not find my GPS, as close to it, would stand in his street, so we found it was said, who moved to the street and saw a couple of houses, I immediately thought, " what a cracker, " she looked beautiful. And while parked teensnaked outside I could smell her perfume, greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, and I must admit, my cock began to come alive in the face of it. went to his house, and I had the coffee forced by t teensnaked -ID offersHere we sat a little in general just chatting about various things, I think, in retrospect, both acting like children on their first day, because from time to time, as on the couch, we were sitting start against each other in the first touch only a kind gesture of the night and how it would affect sustainable, even when he sat down beside me, touched me the old " spread your arms to move in the movie" I, so we sat and we hugged, we kissed then progress was a very deep passionate kiss, when I kissed teensnaked her hand, I slowly let your arms on the ground very solid and then to his stomach, until he caressed her breasts through her clothes, her reaction no, this spirit, in fact, I could feel her hard nipples, she complained a little as I had to pinch the nipples through her ​​bra, she av neck top, so I slowly grabbed her top and her bra , so the heat of his bare chest was felt in the teensnaked hand, now teensnaked my cock was rock hard and try toIng to burst out of my jeans. At this point, I said stop, he stayed on the couch, I thought I had gone too far, but she left the room and returned two minutes later and joined me on the couch, lay down beside me and said, had "only you can ensure that the door was closed," at which time teensnaked he bent to rub teensnaked his hand over the bulge in my jeans were my penis was against the tension of the material, (I know that sounds like a phrase a cheap , but this is the only way I can describe it lol) I pulled the top and release the hand behind the back in their beautiful breasts. I started kissing on the neck, and then to the chest and around her nipples, then took her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard on her hard nipples nice, I complained a little something about it a lot and have the back of my teensnaked head against his chest. I got in the air to his lips to kiss, which I did while I opened the button of his jeans and without hesitation grabbed his underwearand took his underwear and soaked her pussy juice as I was happy about her pussy through her ​​panties getting wet by the second, and had the back of my head, since the tongue each other's mouths. Julie began to unbutton my jeans and rub my cock, now oozing precum leaking feeling in my head, these as good as it should, they stopped kissing, she looked into my eyes, and went to the room, it took a while as he took off and threw wildly on the bed, and her naked body felt nice and warm and soft to mine, she lay on me and started kissing her chest to teensnaked my stomach and took the head of my cock into her mouth, damn it, it was hard not to touch the back of the head here orgasm. Sandra told how good my cock felt in her mouth, she sucked my dick in her mouth and sucking lightly biting the head of my cock stopping every so often to get my cock as she saw me in the eye, horn which was such an extreme fireand I said that right now I just wanted to get teensna
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